JULIA GANNAWAY, Partner, Lynn, Ross & Gannaway, LLP

Julia is a partner in the law firm of Lynn, Ross & Gannaway, LLP. Her practice is dedicated largely to employment law in the public sector. The firm represents only employers.
The firm’s office is located in Fort Worth but their clients are all around the State.
Julia worked as an Assistant City Attorney in Odessa and Bryan before coming to work at the firm in 2003.
She advises clients on matters relating to investigations and disciplinary actions in Chapter 143 settings and non-Chapter 143 cities; matters relating to the Fair Labor Standards Act and Texas law regarding pay issues. Her practice involves representing clients before Federal and State courts, administrative hearings for civil service and TCOLE, and in EEOC/DOL investigations. She also moonlights as the author of numerous Public Information Act requests for rulings.
Julia is a 1991 graduate of Texas A&M in economics and obtained her JD from the University of Houston in 1994.