Lisa Norris, Human Resources Director, City of Grand Prairie

Lisa has served as a leader in Municipal Human Resource for 20 years, 10 of those as Human Resources Director for the City of Grand Prairie, the 15th largest city in Texas.  She has expertise in Civil Service, Employee Relations, Risk, Benefits Strategy, and all things “people!”  She loves coming to work each day knowing there are opportunities to help others of all levels, in and outside of her organization, explore and identify solutions, implement change, motivate behavior and empower others.  She thrives on being a mentor to those growing in Human Resources, networking with other tenured professionals of ways to improve our “business” of Human Resources, and solve for issues identified.  She loves to motivate, encourage and inspire others.  Lisa enjoys the challenge of new projects which keep her energized.  She has provided leadership on several boards and committees including TMHRA, IPMA-HR Texas, and sits on the Executive Committee of the North Texas Coalition – a group of 31 cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area exploring opportunities to work directly with hospital systems on cost and health care delivery strategies. Outside of HR, she enjoys spending time with her family, hunting, fishing and having a good cup of coffee to get the day going!  Actually, there isn’t much she doesn’t like! J